COVID-19 Impact among Shawnee Tribal Citizens Survey

Data indicates both an increased incidence of COVID-19 and mortality due to COVID-19 among Native American populations. There are well reported gaps in completeness of case reporting, particularly for race and ethnicity, indicating that cases and mortality among Native American populations are likely underestimated. In the state of Oklahoma, where many of the Shawnee citizens live, the Shawnee Tribe is working with the State to report ethnicity or race, or tribal affiliation for COVID-19 cases. In addition, Ottawa county, where the Shawnee tribal government headquarters is located, relies on two healthcare facilities formed in collaboration with several other tribes with jurisdiction in the county. This information will be used to assist the tribal government in monitoring the health of its citizens and tailoring its response to mitigate COVID-19 among its citizens.

 The objective of the survey is to assess COVID-19 service access, uptake and impact among Shawnee tribal citizens. Please find the link below.

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ST ICDBG Participation


As part of the CARES Act, HUD has released its ICDBG-CARES grants to assist Tribal communities to prevent, prepare and respond to COVID-19. Shawnee Tribe staff has been working diligently throughout the pandemic to secure as much funding as possible to support our Shawnee Citizens. The Shawnee Tribe is submitting the ICDBG-CARES grant to construct an Emergency Services Facility to establish an Infectious Diseases Command Center.

We will be applying for up to $900,000.00, in accordance with the IHBG formula as the award ceiling available to the Shawnee Tribe. The funding from the Imminent Threat Grant, under strict guidelines to be eligible for, is to be utilized in “Preventing, Preparing for, and Responding to COVID-19”. The Tribe feels the best use of these funds to have the most significant impact to the surrounding community is to construct an Emergency Services Facility to establish an Infectious Diseases Command Center.

The Tribe welcomes feedback and comments from our Tribal Citizens concerning this grant solicitation and project. Please send all feedback and comments to Cassie Harper, Tribal Administrator via email or mail for documentation purposes:

Cassie Harper

29 S. Hwy 69A, Miami, OK 74354